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I can help you with the following services:


I can help you with your research for novels, poetry, creative non-fiction, movies, documentaries, and other creative writing and multimedia projects.


I offer four types of editing:

  • Developmental: I’ll help you with the overall structure of your project and help you create a plan for your next steps in the process of developing your content and your unique voice.

  • Line Editing: I’ll help you refine your sentence structure, word choice, voice and tone in each line of your project.

  • Copy Editing: This is a deep edit that is focused on grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

  • Proofreading: Once you have the final printed proof of your project, I’ll check your project for formatting errors, printing errors, grammar, punctuation, and other typos or overlooked mistakes.

    Examples of projects I can edit: nonfiction and fiction books, short stories, poetry, essays, articles, dissertations, website copy, newsletters, social media copy, marketing copy. writing for multimedia projects, and more.


I offer four types of writing:

  • Creative Writing: Poetry is my specialty, but I also write fiction and creative non-fiction. I am available to write for multimedia projects as well.

  • Journalism and Nonfiction: I can write blog posts, articles, essays, reports, and more. I like to write about authentic living, wellness, beauty, and women’s issues, but I can write on any topic.

  • Ghostwriting: I will ghost write short articles, long form articles, essays, and books.

  • Business Writing and Content Marketing: I can write newsletter copy, social media copy, marketing copy, eBooks, and more.

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