February 2016 Favorites + What's New On My To-Read List


What I'm Listening To: "Here" by Alessia Cara

I usually put this song on repeat while I'm on the elliptical. It's pretty much the national anthem of introverts.

What I'm Eating: C. Wirthy & Co. Frozen Teriyaki Salmon


I get this salmon from Wal-Mart, but it's the best, freshest tasting frozen salmon I've ever had. I've tried all three flavors, Blackened, Citrus Herb, and Teriyaki, and I think Teriyaki is the best. I usually eat these over a salad for lunch.

New On My To-Read List:


New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (And Everyone Else) by Fay Wolf

A few posts ago, I laid out my reading goals for 2016, and one of those was to read books on minimalism. I added this book to my to-read list as a step toward reaching that goal. The special angle that's directed toward creatives was especially attractive to me. I've read other books that attempted to help creatives get organized, but the methods that are recommended seemed too confusing to maintain and you know what happens when organizing systems fall apart...junk drawers get created. Junk drawers aren't cute. I'm hoping that Fay can help me avoid creating junk drawers this year.


Bloggers Can't Be Trusted by Starrene Rhett Rocque

Starr is one of my college classmates, and I've followed her career from her days as an entertainment journalist to her new transition to being a published fiction author. According to Starr's blog, GangstarrGirl.com, the book is based on journal entries she wrote and collected about her frustrations during her magazine journalism days. I headed to Amazon to get the book as soon as I saw Starr's blog post about what led her to write the book scroll by on my Facebook page, but she's planning to release the book at the end of the month. Sign up for her email list to get updates about when and where the book will be released. I'm so excited and inspired by Starr, both by her process to write her book and her decision to self-publish. Like Starr, my dream is that I'll get a dream book deal from a major publisher, but self-publishing is becoming more attractive because of the entrepreneurial streak I have in me.

What are some of your favorite things for February? What have you added to your to-read list?