Southern Belle Style: What To Wear To A Family Reunion

Rising temperatures and longer days mean only one thing...your annual ( or in some cases biannual) family reunion is just around the corner. Seeing cousins, aunties, uncles, and other extended family members that you don't see regularly can be exhilarating, but pulling together outfits for the event can be frustrating enough for some of us to wish we could skip it all together. Although they (usually) mean well, we all have those certain family members who only come to family events for the gossip: who's doing what, who's with who, and especially who looked like what. These outfits, complete with multiple options for accessories and shoes, are fierce enough to keep your folks talking, but are not overdone, so they won't talk too much. The Cookout: Denim Shirt + Printed Wide Leg Pants


Provided that you are not mandated to wear this year's family t-shirt to the cookout, this outfit is airy enough for you to survive the 80 and 90 degree temperatures of June and July, which are popular family reunion months. Since it's not form-fitting, you won't have to worry about feeling like you are in a sausage casing after all the homemade cobbler and chicken with your favorite uncle's secret barbecue sauce you'll have.

The Post Cookout After-Party At Your Cousin-N-Nem's: Tribal Print Shirt Dress


This is the tricky one. After the kids have thoroughly tired themselves out from running, jumping, screaming, and other kid activities at the park, the grown members of the family gather at your cousin's house ( you know, that cousin that everyone has who's always ready for a party) for mingling, hors d'oeuvres, and a few grown folks drinks. You don't want to come to this event in your sweaty cookout clothes, and you want to be a little swanked out, but not enough to look like you're going to the club (umm, awkward). A shirt dress like this is still light and laid back, but it's fresh enough for this family after 5.

Church With The Fam: Ankara Peplum Skirt + Delicate White Tie Neck Blouse


No family reunion ends without church on Sunday. I love Ankara, and this peplum skirt is a great way to combine Southern Belle poise with a funky tribal twist.

To get a closer look at these outfits, visit my Polyvore page. Remember, have fun and cherish family moments like these. Happy Family Reunion!