R&R Sophisticate: Hot or Not? Trompe l'oeil tights

Clockwise from left: Lace and fishnet tights, Betsey Johnson,$14.95 at DSW; Argyle sock tights, suspender tights, and knee high tights, Pretty Polly, $25-$35 at Nordstroms.

Sweater dresses will rule heavily in my wardrobe this winter because of their quaint femininity and effortless simplicity. I love to set off a sweater dress in a rich color with fun tights, but sometimes it's hard to look sleek and less Muppet Baby. Trompe l'oeil tights, which are printed to look like suspenders and stockings, might help to give your favorite sweater dress a sexy side. I'd definitely wear the argyle sock tights to work, and the pearl suspender tights would be great for a chilly night out. The UK based company Pretty Pollyhas the widest selection of Trompe l'oeil tights, many evoking a 1940s bombshell effect. What do you think? Too burlesque or quirky-sexy?