R&R Sophisticate: Tools To Create Your Signature Look Part 2- The Glam Library

Not only am I a magazine junkie, but I am also a hopeless addict to style books. Anything that breaks down the secrets of how to be well dressed is probably in my library. From June Ambrose's (who just recently got her own style show on VH1) Effortless Style to Kendall Farr's The Pocket Stylist, I've got 'em all. The thing I love the most about style books is the insight that they give about getting dressed that I would otherwise take for granted. I never knew how versatile nude pumps could be until I dove into Ambrose's book or how the tiniest imperfection in the fit of a dress or pants could throw off a whole outfit until I read Farr's book. Style is not only something that you can be inspired to create, but it helps to study what the masters and legends have done to get a grasp on how you will embellish what's out there to make it your own. I reached out to image consultant and founder of Blueprint for Style Monica Barnett for her advice on absolute must haves in any glam library. She came up with some heavy hitters that any aspiring or seasoned fashionista should give homage to. Chanel: Her Style and Her Life by Janet Wallach Coco Chanel is by far the epitome of personal style. From the iconic four pocket wool suits to the Coco Mademoiselle perfume( one of my faves) that bears her namesake, Chanel continues to be one of the reigning haute couture house of our generation. If you've ever carried a quilted bag or worn long strands of pearls, you've been touched by the essence of Chanel. Even though the house has taken on a rather gothic edge this fall, most of the pieces stay true to her graceful class.

Yves Saint Laurent:Icons of Fashion Design by Marquerite Duras

Yves Saint Laurent's simple, understated style is much like Chanel in that it doesn't try too hard, yet it creates the type of aura that many people years trying to create. His Muse handbag,with it's small door knocker-like detail and round shape, is still a staple status bag to this day. YSL is career chic at it's best.

The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion by Charlotte Mankey Calasibetta, Phyllis Tortora, and Bina Abling

This is the nuts and bolts of fashion. Knowing the language of fashion is key to being able to ask for the look that you want. There's an abridged online version at WWD, if you don't want to search the 15,000 entries in this book.

What's your favorite style book? What are some titles that you would like to add to your glam library?