R&R Aura: Hot Or Not- Celeb Perfumes

As our society's collective attention span gets shorter, our celebrities work harder to concoct glitzier, more over-the-top gimmicks to hold our ever illusive interest,which translates into dollars for them. While celebrity scents aren't quite new, so many celebrities have released their own aromatic potions in the past few years that having a perfume has become something like a right of passage within the world of fame.

Two of the newest releases for spring, Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur and Beyonce's Heat Rush, come in bottles that could be architectural masterpieces and have scent descriptions that sound overdone at best ( Heat Rush features the pairing of cherries and amber...SMH). They may have pop/R&B divas backing them, but are they really worth the $50 you'll pay for an eau de toilette?

I tested Reb'l Fleur and Heat Rush, and I must say that I prefer Reb'l Fleur although it's very reminiscent of Beyonce's original Heat fragrance. It features plum (which I love in perfumes), peach, red berries, coconut water and patchouli but there's a leathery overtone to the whole scent that's kind of distracting but not so much that it's unpleasant. To be honest, I think I need to give Heat Rush another test because it was so faint that I never smelled it since it slipped behind some of the other scents I tested. It sounds like it smells like original Heat with an orange note.

The perfume I must have for spring is not really new but it is named after a woman that's known for her beauty and prowess. Cleopatra by Tocca, which I first tested in Anthropologie, is the right balance of floral, fruit, and sophistication. Celeb perfumes for me are hit or miss. Sometimes they smell cheaply done and rushed and other times they're ok but I've never smelled one and felt the way I did about Chanel Mademoiselle or Tocca's Cleopatra. What do you think? Should celebs leave the scents to professional perfumers or are you usually the first in line to get your favorite celeb's new scent? Tell me in the comments!