R&R Sophisticate: Chic Winter Hats For The Non Hat Person

Top left hat, anthropologie; Middle hat, Eugenia Kim; Bottom right hat,arden b

I've never really been a big fan of hats, even in cold weather. Either they itch, crush down my meticulously styled hair, or just don't look right on me. Ever since the winter I spent at grad school in Syracuse though, I have been willing to push aside these reservations in order to salvage any ounce of body heat during the harsh winters that evidently followed me home to NC. Outstandingly gorgeous hats are another style trick to getting through the cold months without taking a step into the abyss that is the style rut. What makes a great hat for me?

1. No puff balls, ears, or mechanisms that stand up on my head.

The next time I purchase a hat with the any of these toy-like features on it, it will be for a child, either my future one or someone else's. Grown people look ridiculous in dog ears or sparkly pom-poms.

2. Must look like something from the 21st century.

Anything Oregon Trail bonnety is a no go. Also ruled out are hats that give off a Tyrone Biggums chicness or anything that makes my head look larger that it actually is. Not a fan of crazy fur hats that look like Dragon Ball Z wigs either.

3. Must keep my head warm!

I know this one is very Captain Obvious but you'd be surprised at the lengths some people will go for style. I'll be a style warrior, but I don't mess with frigidness. Cute, comfy, and warm are the key words of the season, not just for hats but anything I wear during the cold season.