R&R Aura: Fall 2010 Makeup Trends- Cat Eyes

Ok, so I know this one isn't really just a fall trend since it's pretty much a staple for every season. I think the cat eye look is so popular because it's pretty glamorous and is pretty easy. Notice how the shape Zoe Saldana's eyes are enhanced by this look. I've seen people wear this for everyday, but I think it looks rather out of place so I would save it for formal functions or anything that you would have an excuse to get "togged down" as my mother would say.

Try duplicating the look with a gel eyeliner like Satin Gel Eye Liner from Avon, $7.

If you've really been practicing and you think your skills are up to par, try a liquid liner like L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner ($8.50 at most drugstores).