R&R Aura: Fall 2010 Makeup Trends-Red Eyeliner

Red eyeliner placed on the waterline (bottom lid) is very unexpected and gives eyes a special pop. I think that if you want to try this trend you'll have to test out lots of shades of red so that you won't end up with a bruised eye look. Some of the models in pictures from Fall '10 fashion shows that I've seen wear the liner a little smudged under their eye but to me this also gives way to a bruised eye/ busted capillaries look. Rhianna pulls the look off in a way that I think would be ideal.

Try this Manic Panic eyeliner in Vampire Red ($8.40,www.manicpanic.com) if you want to try the trend full on.

For those of you who would like to try it but want a more subtle approach, try a pink shade, like this Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glistener in Girls Only ($5.83, CVS).

This look seems like a great night or party look that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.