R&R People+Culture: New Music- Kem, Dondria, and Teairra Mari

I think out of all the genres and sub-genres of music, neo-soul and jazz have to be my absolute favs! That's why I'm so excited about Kem's latest addition to his Intimacy series as well as his upcoming tour. I've listened to some snippets and this album is classic Kem...his buttery voice over soft instrumental mixes of drums and bass guitars. Check out Golden Days featuring one of my favorite soul sistas, Jill Scott.

After releasing a series of singles, Teairra Mari gives us this 7 track mini album. You know how I feel about "albums" with less that 15 tracks. Sincerely Yours has a very Pop/R&B sound that's very on trend but it really doesn't push any boundaries or create anything new. Sponsor is probably the best track on the album, despite it's efforts to be the the official gold digger's anthem.

When I heard Dondria on the radio for the first time, I thought Beyoncé had a new single out. Then I heard that she was discovered on one of my obsessions, YouTube, and I was instantly Team Dondria. It's amazing how YouTube has launched so many careers (just learned last night that Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube) so I'm eager to watch how much Dondria's career grows. This first album could stand to have a few more upbeat dance tracks on it even though the ballads showcase her voice beautifully. JD's Jeep Mix of Your The Only One is exactly the direction I would like to see her go in. Very vampy with a classic hip hop sound, yet still a little haunting. Love it!

Had a chance to listen to today's new releases? Let me know in the comments!