R&R Focus: Bourgie Journals- When A Mead Just Won't Do

If you're like me and you take your writing very seriously, you know the feeling of being very picky when it comes to what you impart your prose and poetry in. I've always loved a well made, beautiful journal and I've been known to stand in front of the journal displays at bookstores and just gaze at all the pretty colors and textures. Pretty journals and writing accessories are a great way to motivate yourself to write. And why shouldn't your creations be housed in the Bentley of stationary? Yet NOT at Bentley prices! Purple Princess Hand Bound Journal, $30, Ellescornershop at Etsy.com

Brocade Paper Collection Golden Fuchsia Journal, $17.95, Pampour.com

Silk Sari Covered Journal, Find one like it at engravingusa at Ebay.com

Turquoise Crocodile Journal, $20, galleryleather.com