R&R Focus: From The Ground Up- Your Startup Checklist

I'll be honest and say that it's very hard for me to focus on most days. My mind starts to chase millions of projects as soon as I wake up and many times I find myself so overwhelmed with everything that I want to accomplish during the day that I don't get half as much done as I would have liked. And one thing I hate more than anything is wasting time. This is why I have always been a fan of lists. I make lists for everything, from things as big as my goals as a writer and entrepreneur to reminder lists so I won't forget to wash my hair or run a quick errand. It seems simple, but I've accomplished much of what I have because I kept lists and stuck to them ( with a few detours now and then).

As intimidating as the idea of starting a business can be, it's comforting to know that it can all come down to a list. Creating your personal business start up list is essential to starting exactly the business you want to start on your time and in your own way. In the process of browsing the Internet for some links to some ideal start up lists to post here I found a great article on Socialtik Magazine's website that totally changed how I was going to write today's career post...ever thought of yourself as a microentrepreneur? Apparently this is how the sandwich shop that we now know as Subway got started. A 17-year-old boy needed money for college and started a business to generate the funds. Start your idea now for your business in the future. And your first step can be as simple as sitting down, taking out a sheet of paper and a pen ( or a laptop) and writing out that list.

Now of course there are legal aspects of a business that you'll have to handle at the onset and there's a good model list here and here for you to use to include those types of things. Also, check your state's department of commerce since many of them have a checklist available that is tailored to that particular state.

And then there's the money question. Lots of businesses don't have to start out with expensive office space or capital especially if you are providing a service. Think about renting office space from a friend and focusing on how much it will cost to promote your business and generate income. And as always, professionalism and customer service go a long way, both of which are free.

I'm still working on my own start up list and I'd love to hear about yours. Let me know in the comments!