R&R People+Culture: The Best of YouTube Vol. 1

I've been enamored with YouTube ever since I first decided to explore it while working on a project for grad school back in 2007. It's amazing how much of a vibrant community YouTube is and how much you can learn if you use it responsibly ( ok, semi responsibly since I will watch the latest crazy viral once and a while). My favorite YouTubers range from hair and makeup gurus to spoken word poets to relationship divas and socially conscious orators. Here are my top 5: Tiffani Rhea

She's a spoken word poet whose channel offers a variety of inspirational discussion videos and of course poetry videos. One of the best of her performances is her poem The Perfect Distraction

Atlanta Sistah

I've had the pleasure of meeting Atlanta Sistah during an internship that I had in Atlanta last summer. Her videos are hilarious and thought provoking at the same time. Her conversational style makes you feel like you've known her forever. Cooking With Carolyn

This YouTuber is among the best of the YouTube chefs. She's very professional and I love her variety. She makes everything from chocolates to Prime Rib!

Love In 30 Days

Shay Your Date Diva has created a pretty large following with her short videos on advice for women on how to understand and successfully relate to menfolk. With her big sister approach she has a compassionate feel yet she doesn't hold back on her honesty


This comedian's videos remind you of the boy that cracked jokes in the back of class while you fight the urge to laugh. Hilarious!