Video Starlet of the Month: Rochelle “BlackOnyx” Campbell

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE YouTube. It’s not just a place to watch crazy viral videos or catch up on the latest episode of your favorite reality show. If you dig deep enough you can find a lot of helpful information, ranging from cooking how to videos to my favorite, beauty and hair videos. But these type of videos can be hardto find among all of the attention seekers and self described YouTube “celebrities”. So I decided to feature one of my favorite YouTubers each month on ReasonsAndRoses.

I’m starting with Rochelle AKA “BlackOnyx” because not only does she make great tutorial videos on natural hair, but she started her own jewelry line which has the fiercest earrings ever…The Ringleaders. They are large, sassy, and full of color, and even feathers, stones or pearls. Her line, called Nyamani Chic, is available through her website I had a couple questions for Black Onyx, which she was gracious enough to answer for me:

R&R: So what kinds of things inspire your pieces?

BO: Nyamani Chic means faith, life, and purpose. What inspires me is just life itself. If you look at my pieces I have things that come from all different aspects of my life so whether it’s nature and you see the flowers or whether it’s a season, which where the Ringleaders came from,or whether it’s a feeling like being happy or feeling young and girly. It just depends on the feel of things… everything inspires me. For Christmas I got a new purse and I absolutely fell in love with the purse so I made earrings to match my purse!

R&R: How did you get started with your business and why did you choose jewelry?

BO: I got started, first of all, I got started making jewelry for myself. After I went natural everything about me changed. My fashion sense and style, everything. So I was looking for jewelry that was not boring, that you can’t find in regular stores. I hated it I was wearing something and then I look over and another female was wearing the same thing. So I said you know what? I’m going to start making some stuff for myself. From there, because I do You Tube videos, all my subscribers started seeing me wearing the pieces and so I started making small pieces for others and from there it just expanded because of the demand.

BlackOnyx’s Ringleaders appear to be sold out right now but there’s a note saying that they will be back on Feb. 24. Make sure you stock up when she gets ‘em in…they definitely will be added to my collection and rocked regularly! Check her YouTube channel out for updates on her jewelry line.