Natural vs. Relaxed: Indecision '08

I got a relaxer this past August after being natural for almost all of my life. I've been enjoying wearing my hair straight for a while but I really miss my natural hair sometimes. I guess I have the opposite problem that most women have when they decide to change textures. A lot of women are used to being relaxed and so when they get their big chop they don't know what to do with their natural hair at first. I don't know what to do with my relaxed hair. Which is why I've been contemplating the possibility of growing it out even though I got it only 2 months ago. I've done this before. I had a relaxer during my freshman year in college and I grew it out almost immediately because I didn't like it and I didn't really see a difference in my hair when it was straight. It still puffed up in the humidity, which was the whole reason why I got the relaxer in the first place. But this time I got a really nice cut along with the relaxer so it looks the way it probably should have looked back then. I only planned to keep this relaxer up for a year or two, so I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and grow it out now. Here's some pictures so you can help me decide... This is me relaxed... And this is me with a natural Mohawk.

One thing that I think is very interesting is that I get waaay more complements on my hair when it is straight. Even my brother told me that I look better with straight hair. I do have a full face and the fullness of my natural hair does compete with that sometimes, but I wonder if people really think I look better with straight hair or if straight hair is just the "standard" that everyone around me is used to. I'm thinking that I'm going to start growing this out and I'm just going to get it flat ironed and roller set in the meantime. And since I don't do relaxer and color, I'll probably get some more brown highlights put in it after all the other chemicals are gone. Tell me what you think.