Can't Afford MAC? Here's The Next Best Thing

I've learned so much since I started watching makeup videos on YouTube. And here I was thinking that people only got on there and acted foolish! My makeup collection has grown exponentially due to all of the great products that some of my favorite YouTubers recommend. Lots of these products are great alternatives for MAC and other department store counter brands, which I love but can't usually afford. Here are some items I've bought recently:

NYX Eyeshadow Trios- I used to ignore my eyes when doing my makeup until I saw what a difference it makes. If you are in a rush and you still want to look like you put time into your makeup, do your eyes first! These eyeshadows can be pretty hard to find but they're at Ulta and Rite Aid here in NC so I'm sure that the company is getting more stores in more areas to carry their products. The shadows have great color payoff and they come in some beautiful colors that are similar to MAC's. They are usually between $5-$6.
Almay Bright Eyes Liner /Highlighter Duo- Use the highligher end of this pencil to draw under your brow and blend into a neutral eyeshadow color for a quick and natural look. I really like how the highlighter doesn't fade away into your skin, but it's not too bright either. Put some of the highlight at the corners of your eyes to open them up even more. It's $8.50 at Walgreens.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Liquid Makeup- Ok, I didn't find out about this on YouTube, but so far I really like this foundation. It's light and it doesn't give your face that yucky feeling by the end of the day. The foundation brush that is built into the packaging makes it very easy to apply without getting it all over your fingers. But you will have to set it with some powder if you need lots of coverage. $14.50 at