Ice Cold

I've been asking around and supposedly it doesn't stop snowing up here until April. Yes, I knew that but I was wishfully thinking that my survey could produce another response. I never want to see snow again after I leave this place. Actually it hasn't been that bad lately, but it's still too cold to make sense.

I'm getting excited about my mag. management class because we're putting together a magazine that I think is going to be really good. It's kind of an urbanite thing, maybe like an urban, younger version of Vanity Fair that's not so concerned with mainstream stuff. Of course, I have lots of ideas for the fashion section and I pitched an idea for a story on bellydancing. I'll probably be writing about that on here alot, once I find a class and start dancing. Oh and for the LS, here's a good tutorial on hip rolling since she wanted more of an idea of what it is. I would have posted and example video on my last post, but they were all 14 year old girls being fast. I'm pretty sure this girl is grown.