6 More Months

Ok, so I didn't blog like I said I would over Christmas break. I had fun visiting with family and friends and I was pretty much busy the whole month I was home. My wonderful l.s. sent me one of my favorite gifts this Christmas. It's a beautiful pink Guess swing jacket that had me thinking of all kinds of fly outfits as soon as I saw it. Too bad I won't be able to wear it until late April or May. Oh Syracuse, why must you torture me so?

This is crunch time for me. I'm going to be deep into internship and job applications the whole semester. I've decided that wherever I end up, I want to take some courses in fashion since that's an area that I'm finding that I'd love to cover. I'm actually taking a semi-fashion class this semester. It's a multimedia class and the best part is that I'll be blogging about fashion and covering the April fashion show that the fashion majors put together.
Oh and last but not least, I'm starting my workout plan next week. I was too ambitious last semester and I tried to workout 5 days a week. So I'm starting out with 3 days and I'll build from there. That's plus a Power Hour class through the Rec. department. So far my schedule isn't as stressful as last semester. So far, so good.