5 Things About Me

For today and the next 3 days, I'm going to answer five questions about myself each day until I answer twenty. I love questions like these because I think it's amazing how much you learn about a person from simple questions. If there are any questions that I didn't think of that you want me to answer, send them to me. So here's my first five... 1. What are your favorite colors? As you can tell from the color scheme of my blog, my favorite colors are pink and purple. I know that's really girly, but there's just something about that color combination that makes me feel good. They're just really pretty to me. People who like purple are usually mysterious, creative and introspective people. People who like pink are usually friendly and upbeat. I guess the fact that both colors are my favorites means that I have a little of all of those traits. Color in general is very important to me. I love bright, jewel tone colors the best.

2. Who are your favorite musicians? I love music, especially R&B,Rap, and Neo Soul. There are so many artists that I respect and love within those genres. Jill Scott is one of my all time favorites. Her first album came out the summer I graduated from high school and I had a fit to get it. I had been listening to her singles on A&Ts radio station and I knew from those couple of songs that I had to have her album. By the way, WNAA-N.C. A&T University's radio station-introduced me to many of the artists that have become my favorites and are still my favorites today. Although it hurts my Hamptonian soul to say this, I think A&T may have the best college radio station that I've heard. WHOV is a wonderful station too, it's just that I grew up listening to WNAA so it's got a special place with me. But to get back on topic...Teedra Moses is also wonderful. She's bringing back that 90s R&B sound that I miss from R&B of today. 3.What do you want for Christmas?

First and foremost I want long johns and sweaters to survive these gangsta snow storms that Syracuse is always having. I can't wait to go home...my sister just texted me and told me it's 80 degrees. Yes, 80 degrees in December. Global warming is real. I also want some of Estee Lauder's Pleasures Delight. I get perfume every year. I don't know why. I still haven't used up the Baby Phat Golden Goddess that I got last year but I've got to have the Pleasures Delight. It smells really sweet and yummy, like strawberry cupcakes. Ok, not that sweet, but you get the idea. It's got a sophistication to it too. Sweet and sophisticated, just like me :) Also I want Amy DuBois Barnett's new book. She's the former editor in chief of Honey, which I used to love. I hate that it folded. I'm trying to be like her so I want to know what she's got to say.

4. How will you spend your Christmas break? I want to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I love going to the movies and having movie nights at home, so that's definitely in my plans. I will probably go to my father's home in Eastern NC to visit my paternal grandparents and that side of my family as well. And of course I'll be blogging, writing poetry, and reading. Definitely I'll participate in my favorite sport, shopping. I wouldn't be me if I didn't hit those after Christmas sales. I hope to get an excuse to dress up to...maybe a Christmas party will come up. Or maybe New Years. Other than that I'll be laying around, eating my mom's wonderful cooking, and mentally prepping myself for the last half of grad school.

5. What albums will you buy next? I really want Amanda Diva's album, which comes out on the 18th. I heard her single on YBF and some of her samples on her website. Fire. I also am looking forward to Erykah Badu's new album which should be out in February. She's kept me waiting a long time...I love me some Badu. I'm still torn about the new Alicia Keys. I've heard some songs that I like ( Like You'll Never See Me Again...Hotness), but I don't know if I want the whole album. I got her last album and I didn't really listen to it. And Mary J Blige may get some of my money too. I love that single "Work That". That iPod commercialis one of my favorites.