Almost Done...For Now

So I've almost completed my first semester of grad school. Hard work, y'all. Next semester should be better since I'm taking some classes that should be more fun. I'm pretty excited about magazine management. We get to create a fictional magazine and the group with the best idea gets their idea used as the final capstone project. I love it.
I'm so ready to go home. I haven't left here since I came at the end of June, so it's due time. It will be nice to get a break from the snow. My mom said that it's been 70 degrees at home. I can't wait. I also will be very ready for my mom's pork chops and broccoli and cheese casserole, which I will probably have to fight my sister for. My mother asked us to make a list of everything that we wanted her to cook while we were home and we both want the casserole. I'm sorry this post isn't very long or substantive, but I've got a huge magazine project to do and I just wanted to do something so that people wouldn't think I had forgotten about blogging. I'll do better over the break and afterwards, I promise!