Sexual Chocolate?

 So my roommate and I sometimes watch House together on Tuesday nights, and because I'm either too lazy to get up or avoiding some assignment I have to do, I usually watch Nip/Tuck with her as well. I never saw this show before now because my mom is anti-cable, probably for the reasons that are ever so intricately portrayed on this show. Let's just say that this show needs to be renamed...replace the T in Tuck with an F and I think that would sum it up.

Last night's episode had a very fine looking Boris Kodjoe playing the role of-all things-a member of a swinger's club. But this wasn't just any swinger's club. Kodjoe's character and his friends are all successful, single black men that have these parties solely to serve up the Mandingo fantasies of 40-something white soccer moms as their husbands watch. Kodjoe's character just happens to be a lawyer. So you're successful and attractive, but you stoop to the level of being someone's play toy?  Kodjoe's character is coming to McNamara/Troy to get his back sewn back up apparently after some woman slashes him with her press-ons during...I guess...a "heated" moment. The doctors actually find one of the woman's nails still in his back! 
 Sean's girlfriend ends up wanting to go to one of the parties since earlier they just had a long discussion about being open about each other's sexual fantasies. Sean wants his girlfriend to dress up as a school girl, which she does ( watch and you'll find out why he wants this) and she has a secret fantasy about being with a black guy. They go to this party and it becomes apparent early on that Sean is very uncomfortable. They decided before they went in that if either one of them wanted to leave, they would say the code word "big wheel" and they would leave.
They end up going into a room that looks like it's probably a child's room, and Sean is relieved because he thinks that they're away from all of the craziness. Then a couple and their Mandingo bust in and ask "Do you mind if we use this bed, the others are full," as if they're looking for somewhere to park or something ( well, I guess in a way they are). Hesitantly, Sean agrees and wants to leave, but his girl's eyes get as big as saucers and she's instantly mesmerized as this woman proceeds to have sex with her chocolate fantasy as her husband drools in the corner. And the husband has the audacity to say to Sean's girl " You want to be next? She'll be done in a few minutes." WHAT?! And Sean's girl hesitates like she wants it. Sean doesn't speak her for the whole ride back home.
My question is, do people like this really exist? Are there actually married couples out there that think it's OK to have sex with another person as your partner watches? And do white women really think that black men are just chocolate covered penises? This episode really bothered my soul. I've been meaning to read this book called Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America by Scott Poulson-Bryant. And when I do I'll revisit this post and get much deeper, but basically it talks about the sexual stereotypes that have been postulated about black men since slavery.  We all know the myth that all black men are "packing" and it seems to be a myth that they aren't in any hurry to dispel. But rarely do you hear about the negative implications of this long held notion. It is a basis for a black man to be objectified, and to be turned into an object is to be forced to render your humanity.
You know what, I wish I could just watch TV mindlessly sometimes. I guess it's the English major in me that wants to analyze everything.  Thanks Dr. Carmines!   But back to Nip/Tuck...I guess this scene in this episode( which really wasn't the main part of the show) just touched a nerve in me. I don't know, it just reminded me of a plantation...a big, nasty, porn plantation.